Thursday, April 24, 2008

Enough to Kill a Lesser Man...and BIM

So here's the skinny. BIM is it. I was thinking about this on the plane on the way home from Vancouver, Denver and Topeka... and came to the realization that the future of BIM could easily contain the following items.

- I got to thinking about how we address life safety issues once a person is inside of the building, but how great would it be for Emergency and Rescue personnel to access a buildings layout like they would a map. Granted this won't work for the Pentagon, but what a great way to access information just like GPS.

- BIM Google. C'mon everyone's thought about it! You're looking for that special track light fixture on your 450,000 sf project but can't remember what conference room it's in...or you're doing a stdium and where exactly is seat 415 in Section N?

- When do we get to use the software company's hardware, like we use a search engine's processors? We pay enough.

- Exactly how useful are new CAD Techs/Revit Modelers? Maybe you've had a different experience but so far it takes a trained person to model elements correctly that has a bigger database of knowledge to know how the bits and pieces fit. And seeing as the more you model the quicker you get I'm not sure the old "Make it look like this." will cut it in the future.

- Revit widgets. Need to check your LEED daylighting and views report based on the models current orientation? BAM Need to run a clash detection on your linked up model? BAM

Yep too many pieces of software currently...I think people are going to get sick of buying all of them, thus enters the entrepreneur!

- Lastly, I view the current debate on the need for open source BIM software as a little similar to the current Barack and Hillary debate. Someone needs to be steering this ship. I have sat in on countless conference calls with NIBS and although I'm down with the idea, we really need to be talking with the software companies to let them know that we'll still be buying their product because we know and love the interface, byut everyone needs to play in the same sandbox already!


Anonymous said...

Exactly how useful are new CAD Techs/Revit Modelers?

We old-school CAD Jockeys are still useful for the time being. We've managed to amass a decent amount of knowledge about how things are put together and how things are supposed to look. As long as the old "pencil and paper" generation of architects are around we'll still have jobs. In another 20 years, when they've retired, it may be a different story.

architect11 said...

those are my thoughts too,

"but so far it takes a trained person to model elements correctly that has a bigger database of knowledge to know how the bits and pieces fit."

I think that as the tools grow as well that there could be a need for app specific users, but the typical CAD jockey as we know it, due to increased modeling efficiencies in the software should be looking for a way to differently market their skills.

Anonymous said...

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