Saturday, November 5, 2011


Lately there has been a great trend that we are witnessing first hand in the subcontracting community....the rise of subs who "get it."

I can remember about 8 years ago having a discussion with a leading subcontractor in the industry who essentially told me that he and his mechanical firm were NEVER going to make a move into the virtual environment. Lo and behold I ran into him at the Denver Airport about a month ago and we got to talking.

Apparently he had completely forgotten what he had told me years earlier and was excited to tell me how they had fully integrated BIM and laser scanning tools for their organization! It's amazing to see how time can transition attitudes (and memories!).

This of course got me to thinking and I began to think of all the subcontracting companies I have seen over the years transition into a 3D CAD/BIM environment. While there are still some holdouts, for the most part the question any more is really who DOESN'T have BIM technology integrated into their operations. This is an exciting time for the Design and Construction community, especially since we are now in a much better place of BIM use and understanding of the processes then we were before.

Next I'll give a brief write up on how to get subcontractors to install their systems correctly in the field.

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