Monday, January 4, 2010

Rendering - Post Holiday

Amazing that I'm posting the day after a break like the one we've just had!

Nonetheless I wanted to encourage everyone if they haven't tried the latest version of V-Ray lighting plug in for 3DS Max Design 2010 to do so ( ). Pretty incredible rendering and lighting settings, relatively quick output and the real time map scaler is a life saver.

That's really about it. No other tutorials other than I strongly recommend any time you export Revit files out to 3DS Max or 3DS Max Design to change your export options settings from polymesh default to the ACIS solids. This will save you a couple of redos and hopefully give you the ability to better select layers and faces to edit your material pallettes.

I'll probably post a couple of tips as we get into cranking out a rendered "non-flickering" animation. Stay tuned...

Let me know if you've used Vray. Liked it? As always, tips or tricks are always welcome.

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