Tuesday, June 22, 2010

iPhone BIM app

Good morning all!

I was over on BIM Workx and read about a cool new app for the iPhone. Basically as I'm an Apple addict if it's new, shiny and has an Apple logo on it, I'll buy it...or my wife will want one.

That said, Ian Keough has developed a neat new app to view Revit models on your iPhone with...complete with (drumroll please) intelligent objects! The app is called goBIM and costs $5.99. I have to admit I have been playing with it for about the past two hours and once you get used to the interface it's a cool little tool.

Ian is also releasing the app for the iPad with a bigger screen to better enable in-field functionality on projects using BIM. Stay tuned there.

Site is here. (http://go-bim.iankeough.com/wordpress/ )

Cool idea, great tool and no post for a while so hopefully this kick starts your Tuesday.