Sunday, February 13, 2011

BIM for real is now Mobile!

Alright folks, I have established that a blog on technology shouldn't be limited by my use of technology!

That said I will now be posting from the "many exciting" places I go in the world, but mainly airports...


Saturday, February 12, 2011

DuPont BIM Resource

If you all haven't seen this yet, it's really pretty impressive. We're testing it out now to see how well it works...Looks like it should be a pretty strong tool. And I don't care that much that it's laden with Tyvek plugs!

Death to BIM

Love those dramatic intro lines!

Here it is a new and unique concept for us all to begin to marinate on. What do all of the following have in common?:

a.) Architects
b.) Structural Engineers
c.) Mechanical Engineers
d.) Electrical Engineers
e.) Plumbing Engineers
f.) Fire Protection Engineers
g.) Interior Designers
h.) Planners
i.) Construction Managers
j.) Subcontractors
k.) Facility Managers
l.) Owners
m.) Real Estate Agents
n.) Industry Standard Agencies
o.) Code Compliance Agencies
p.) Consultants (acoustic, specialty, etc..)
q.) Other

And the answer is... Please enter your answers in the following comment field I can't wait to see what everyone comes up with...

-Sidebar, there is in fact a point to this exercise and not one in futility that we'll dig into a follow up post

Qualcomm Presentation with Kimon Onuma

Maybe some might find this interesting. This was a presentation given and hosted by Qualcomm in San Diego, CA with Kimon Onuma from Onuma Planning Systems .

Presentation Link Here

I really enjoyed the dialog and it was interesting to begin shifting the space from BIM, BIM BIM to a bigger and broader concept which is information management and "connecting the dots" both digital and physical to create value and results.

As always, look forward to your comments and feedback.

Have a great weekend!

Interesting BIM Video from the NYC Transit Authority

Interesting video coming from the transit and infrastructure end of things. I'm beginning to think there needs to be a new acronym for Building Information Modeling!