Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Revit and On-Screen Takeoff..

This will be a quick one as I seem to be swamped this week at work. For those of you construction or design/build teams out there, I'm sure you're familar with On-Screen Takeoff. We have begun to interface this with our in house Timberline estimating software so that we can use the model for quick generic takeoffs and use On-Screen for all of our finishes and specialty items that haven't been included in the model. So far it seems to be working really well and this hybrid method of estimating really works well for a lot of the area architecture firms through various stages of the design process.

I linked the forum for On-Screen which is starting to be recognized more and more as the industry standard for 2d takeoffs.

Tomorrow I'm going to start a string of tutorials that introduce Revit in a little bit more fun and useful way.

Carry on.

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